If you or your child needs Maths or English tuition or general support in other subject areas up to GCSE, we offer online personalised courses tailored to your needs.


We also offer online Common Entrance and Scholarship Exam Preparation in Verbal Reasoning and other key subjects for entrance to Independent Schools, working in tandem with schools as appropriate.


If your child is not being challenged enough at school,1:1 tuition is offered to help Gifted and Talented students fulfil their potential.


We believe in aiming high and making lessons as fun as possible!

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English as a Foreign Language

As language specialists, we offer online English as a Foreign Language courses to students worldwide, wishing to brush up their English. If you wish to improve your mastery of the English language for school, social, business or professional reasons we will arrange an online course with your own personal tutor to suit your needs. We also support students looking to take residency exams such as IELTs as well as tutor students in Business English to Higher Level. Let us know what your learning goals are and we will help you achieve these. We also offer English immersion study holidays in France for those looking to improve their English while on holiday:




For Online English or Maths Tuition please click here:

Literacy and Numeracy for Adults

If you are an adult looking for help in brushing up your literacy and numeracy skills, let us know what you would like and we will organise an online course to meet your needs.

English to GCSE, EFL and Maths KS2 and 3 Online Tutoring


From Monday 23 March our tutors, who teach professionally online, will be offering daytime online lessons in General subjects, English, Maths, French, German, Spanish, EFL and 11 Plus and other Entrance Exam Tuition to individuals and groups using Skype or Zoom platforms. For more information, please contact us using our contact form or by calling / texting / whatsapping us on  +447482675936